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Since January 1992, C&S Specialty, Inc. Has Developed Strong Network in Chemical Reagents for R&D, Industrial Chemicals, Semiconductors, Licensing, Sourcing and Has Been Acting as a Technical Transfer Consultant and Communication Liaison to Bridge Between the US and South Korean Markets.

With the Exclusive Partnership with CSK Enpro in South Korea, C&S Is Able to Consistently Provide Precise Communication and Prompt Delivery.  
C&S is Constantly Looking for Long-term Partnerships and Business Expansion.  

Specializing in Both International and Domestic Trading, Our Client Base Has Grown to Include Large Multinational Corporations, Chemical Retailers, Distributors and Everything in Between. 

If You Would Like to Find Out More About How C&S Can Serve Your Raw Materials and Specific Chemicals Needs,

Get In Touch Today. 


C&S Has Two Exclusive Partners Stationed in South Korea. 

Samchun Chemical

Sales Office in Gangnam-gu, Seoul 

Laboratories and Factories in Pyongteck-city, South Korea 

For More Info, please visit 

CSK Enpro

Sales Office in Gangnam-gu, Seoul 

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